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About Wokingham Probus Club

What is Probus?

A Probus Club is a local association of retired and semi-retired professional and business people, the name is an acronym coming from the “pro” and the “bus”. Probus members meet regularly for friendship and to be entertained and informed by talks and other activities which the club puts on..

There is no central organisation controlling local clubs so each club is an independent entity making its own rules and procedures.

In Wokingham there is no qualifying requirement for membership, if you are happy mixing with retired business people or professionals like teachers, IT specialists, engineers, doctors etc, then we are happy to welcome you as a member.

We do not exist to regularly raise funds for charities but at least once a year we will provide an opportunity for a charity to make a presentation and invite members to donate to its works.

Unlike many other clubs, Wokingham Probus welcomes both men and women as members.

History of Wokingham Probus Club

The Club held its inaugural meeting at the Bush Hotel, Market Place, Wokingham on 3rd April 1968 and set an annual subscription at 5 shillings (25p). Its initial title was The Wokingham Retired Businessmen’s Club. The name was changed to The Wokingham Probus Club in June 1970 by which time membership had grown to 36 and subscriptions increased to ten shillings.

Wokingham Rotary Club has always been very supportive of this Probus Club. In 1978 the Rotarians presented our chairman with a tankard engraved to celebrate the first 10 years of Wokingham Probus.

The mug has been passed on from chairman to chairman and is still in use today. A gavel made from wood from an old beam formerly in All Saints Church was presented to the Club by David Goddard JP in 1970 and is also in regular use.

Various additional activities have been undertaken over the years in addition to the monthly lunches. These have included coffee mornings, trips to places of national interest and theatre visits.

These activities have been discontinued due to lack of support over recent years but the possibility exists for them to be resurrected if there is sufficient demand.

Club members formally resolved to become a mixed club at the AGM in April 2018.

Before the Club formally became open to lady members, a Ladies’ Lunch was held in December each year to which members’ partners and widows of former members were invited. Now as we are a mixed club we just have a Christmas Lunch to which all partners are invited, with widows and widowers of former members entertained as guests of the club.